AttendaGo, Inc. 


Effective: November 15, 2020 

1. SaaS products 

AttendaGo is a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) digital content service provider.  As such, SaaS companies do not satisfy the requirements for phyiscal product refunds.  Essentially, you can't return a digital service.

2. No refunds 

AttendaGo bills for services as they are used.  Clients are billed on the 1st of each month for the services used during the previous month.  Since AttendaGo does not sign clients to service contracts, clients can cancel at any time and will only be billed for the services used up to the date of cancellation.

NO REFUNDS are provided during ongoing services or after services are cancelled.

3. Credits 

Saas is technology dependent.  Technology can, and does, fail or cause service interuptions.  In the rare times this may happen, AttendaGo will evaluate each interuption and determine if any service credit should be applied to the cleint invoices at the end of each month.  AttendaGo believes the customer comes first, and in the event of a service interruption it is almost gauranteed AttendaGo will apply credits/discounts to the cleint account for future services.

4. Service Interuptions 

Service interuptions are defined as:

Issues NOT DEFINED as service interuptions:
4. Disputes 

For any services rendered that you dispute please refer to our Terms of Use for legal options.  However, we encourage you to contact AttendaGo support with any issues or disputes - AttendaGo believes in customer priority, and we will always do whats right by you...and by our conscience.